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what our customer say

  • Agent for National Transformation Award 2015
    Sujana Mohd Rejab
    I make the best 3D printed prosthetic hand using the UP Plus 2. It's a completely hassle free machine.
    Multi-award winner - The Expandable Hanger Invention
    We thank 3D Printer Sdn Bhd for providing free 3D design and 3D printing course that give us the edge for our invention and put us in a winning streak of awards both locally and internationally. UP 3D Printer is the best!
  • Mr. Nazih Abdo Hatem
    Inventor - Expatriate in Malaysia
    Save the hassle! The UP Plus 2 is indeed awesomely easy and fantastically reliable.
  • Mr. Amirul Farhan
    Bio-model Engineer
    The ability to produce models efficiently, accurately and fast without downtime and at lowest possible cost are our priorities.
  • Mr. James Gibbs
    HidroMAX 3D Printing - - Expatriate in Malaysia
    ...We purchased an UP! Plus 3D printer that provided outstanding print quality...

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News & Events

  • The rise of 3D printing in Malaysia
    April 2015
    The beginning of third industrial revolution
  • Democratising manufacturing
    March 2014
    3D printing is set to change the startup landscape.

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  • Special Appearance of 3D Printer Sdn Bhd in the NTV7 Breakfast Show!
    November 2013
    Join Lisa Wong in her up close and personal 3D printing discovery.
  • Watch Adam Carruthers tinker with the UP 3D Printer
    March 2013
    Adam was fascinated with the 3D printed Batman.
  • What is a 3D Printer?
    A multi purpose manufacturing system.
    Bye to mass manufacturing and welcome to the return of mass craftsmanship!
  • A humble beginning...
    We are the pioneer and the leader of the 3D printing revolution in Malaysia.
    It's not a rocket science!

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